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About the Kershaw County Farmers Market

The Kershaw County Farmers Market is a 501c3 non-profit organization that serves the residents of Kershaw County. Our goal is to make fresh, local produce available and easily accessible. We strive to be a vital part of the local community by promoting small businesses and farms and serving as a gathering place for community members and guests of Kershaw County. The Kershaw County Farmers Market brings educational resources to the community about health, nutrition, and leading a healthy lifestyle. 

Meet our Board of Directors

Matthew Watson - Chair

Kathy McCaskill - ViceChair

Brianna Grant - Secretary 

Janet Caldwell-Morrow - Treasurer 

Rob Brown

Mark Burns

Stephen Cliburn

Donna Rudd

Diane Conyers

Kevin Smith

KCFM Board Meeting Minutes

Kershaw County Farmers Market

November 13 2023

Call to Order at 6:05 PM
Brianna Grant reviewed the minutes. Stephen motioned to accept, donna second. All in favor.
Donna got a $5000 grant for a seating area at the market through AgSouth Farm Credit. We can
get any table we want! The check should be in by the beginning of the year.
Donna also got a donor who gave $100 and was able to get banner; she will be giving the
banners to the Conyers if they arrive at the market
Mackey presented the financial Report based on the bank statements
Conyers arrived at 6:30 PM and made a quorum.
1. Holiday market is sold out, 120 vendors.
2. Dorothy is asking for $225 to feed volunteers. Donna motioned to accept this budget.
Stephen second. All in favor.
3. Funds for vendors to thank them. Brianna will walk through the market and provide
everyone with a thank you note and a hot drink or something. Brianna will send a
budget within the week to provide everyone with something. Donna motioned that
Brianna will come up with the appreciation item and budget and inform market by time
4. NO MUSIC AT THE HOLIDAY MARKET. All vendors opposed, Brianna voted in favor of
music. Brianna’s going to play jingle bells from her coffee cart.
1. Mark is the only one with access, will show Brianna how to fix?
2. Vendors want to meet with the board; Mackey will send out an email to ask when
we’re all available. We have preference of the 20 th but will check with Janet, Rob,
and Kathy
3. Help the market manager
4. Mask Janet where she stands on being the treasurer at this point, as she has several
issues regarding the health of her family and employment.
5. Brianna, Mark, and Kathy are set to roll off this year. Mark and Kathy both intend to
leave the board; Board members ask that Brianna stay as members

iDonna motioned to adjourn 7:40 PM

Kershaw County Farmer’s Market
Board Meeting Agenda
October 9, 2023

Members in Attendance: Matthew “Mackey” Watson, Janet Caldwell-Morrow,

Diane Conyers, Donna Rudd, Stephen Clyburn, Brianna Grant

1. Call to Order – Matthew “Mackey” Watson, Board Chair
2. Review of Minutes – Brianna Grant, Secretary: All members voted in favor to
approve minutes
3. Financial Report – Janet Caldwell-Morrow, Treasurer: currently 13,842.04 in
account. Working balance of 12, 820.31. Provided list of what has been paid
and deposited. Document submitted.
Musician this past weekend, was initially to be paid cash because Dorothy
said we did not vote on it at the last minute, but then provided information
needed for a check to be issued. There were still volunteers who were paid
Janet made a motion that all invoices be submitted at least the Thursday prior
to the market with no cash transactions to be completed between the hours of
8:00 and 12:00 pm. All volunteers and vendors will be paid at the end of the
market unless previously arranged. All members voted in favor.
a. Update on solutions for permanent space markers: this and benches for
around the tree will be resolved by the start of the next season.
b. Gifts/Event for market volunteers: not addressed
c. Property Rental: Insurance says that we are covered and that they should
provide their own insurance. If they allow alcohol, that will cause the
insurance to go “sky high”
d. Update on SNAP Grant: if it fails, we just don’t do it again. Live Well
is already looking for money for next year

e. Update on picnic tables: Rob sent statement via email that tables are
$900 – 1200 and asked that we discuss an amount

a. Southern Piedmont Climate-Smart Project: Dorothy will complete a
survey annually, the people will come to collect more information and
create some data. Janet motioned for. Janet Second. All in favor,
Brianna declined vote, Rob voted no via email.
b. Holiday market is completely sold out;
Dorothy has collected roughly $3,095 of money from people who have
committed to the market for off-season/winter market 10-2 market
c. We will have a float in the Christmas parade: we should have a banner
with the medals showing our win for the market. A fruit themed tree
and a table with different items from the market on it. People can donate
trees. We have to pay to have the banner printed. Ask the Department
of Agriculture or Clemson extension who will help us with making the
banner for the float. Budget for banner for the float to then be hung at
the market. ATEC may be able to help.
Proposed putting the badges on separate banners and adding them to the
sides of the banner that we already have.
We can put the sign and then put a badge on each side of the long
banner. $80 worth of fuel, $50 sign up, $170 for signs and décor. Donna
makes motion for $300 budget for parade float related expenses to
include previously mentioned expenses. Brianna seconds. All vote in
d. Can we make sure to have a food vendor at the farmer’s market? It
becomes difficult when there aren’t food vendors out for other vendors
at the market as well as for attracting new customers
e. From Dorothy:
Term is up for Mark and Brianna, who will be stepping down? Dorothy
asks that we take it seriously or step down. Do we want Dorothy next
year, please vote? If the board is not active, she may not stay. Dorothy
asked if we would follow the terms as laid out in the bylaws, noted that
we have not followed the by-laws regarding terms prior to this point.
Mackey noted that if we do not take anyone off the board there is no
room for anyone new. Stephen noted that mark plans to step down this
Notes being upset about Janet mentioning that Dorothy spent more than
the set budget because she also raises the money for what she does and

does not cost the market anything extra; says she doesn’t “feel bad” for
spending more than the allocated budget for that reason
Upset about the process of the meeting minutes, because she does not
get the minutes before a month later.
She is upset because she feels that she does not get help from the board.
Dorothy noted that someone told her that the board had been talking
about not wanting to give her any more money and that she was upset
about that.
Donna clarified that we would like to see more structure in how the
money is used/made.

6. ADJOURN at 7:24 PM. Donna motioned. Stephen second.

Kershaw County Farmer’s Market

Board Meeting
September 11, 2023
Board Members in Attendance:

Matthew “Mackey” Watson, Stephen Clyburn, Mark Burns, Donna Rudd, Janet

Caldwell-Morrow, Brianna Grant, Kevin Smith, Rob Brown

Meeting called to order at 6:03 pm
1. Call to Order – Matthew “Mackey” Watson, Board Chair
2. Review of Minutes – Brianna Grant, Secretary
Stephen motioned to accept minutes, Kevin second. All board members voted
in favor to accept.
3. Financial Report – Janet Caldwell-Morrow, Treasurer
Janet submitted a formal financial report with an available balance of
$12,787.85; we are beyond need of accounting software. There is one for as
little as $40. Stephen – would help to have a copy of a working budget.
Checks were issued for the refund to vendors who were involved in the
altercation; they did not receive it after a month, so Mackey told Dorothy to
give her payment in cash from vendor fees. Sent through regular mail, and
through a postal service (, stop payment was put on the checks
previously sent out. One mailed – stop payment, mailed another overnight –
stop payment placed on that one as well. Mackey called very rude stating “I
run the market” and was rude to her. Mackey apologized for being short with
Rob asked for Janet to look over the spreadsheet previously sent to determine
if it’s adequate and advise the board whether we should have the program for
the accounting.
We need to pull together an approved budget for the next year to use next
Roughly $10,000 held in the savings account, no change to this balance.

a. Update on conversation regarding forgiveness of mortgage note
No interest in forgiving the mortgage loan.
b. Update on solutions for permanent space markers
Stephen proposes a durable composite material and laser etching each
marker. Lay it into the ground flat and find something more than a stake
to keep it in space.
Rob – is there room to adhere to the backside of the pavement.
Rob and Stephen will continue to discuss.
c. Update on status of electricity from City of Camden at the market
Table this conversation until we get a budget.
d. Gifts for volunteers/vendors at Holiday Market
Identify who are the unpaid volunteers? She would like a set amount for
what she is allowed to do. Consult with Dorothy regarding who exactly
she’s asking for. 5-6 unpaid volunteers, about 9 come to the meetings.
We have already gotten $2000 from vendors for the holiday market.
e. Mackey forgot to reach out for the insurance provider to see about the
f. Business should not be done at the market. There should be information
given to Janet so that they can be given their money. We should have a
bill, a record, and a documented exchange. No cash exchanges. We
need to make a clear procedure.
g. Mackey asked if there are events in which Dorothy gets money from
vendors for a specific activity, should she have to ask for the treasurer

a. Vote on listing in Chamber of Commerce annual magazine
b. SNAP Grant
Will we have to pay someone, will we need electricity and Wi-Fi? Live
Well will pay for everything the first year, pushing nutrition for Kershaw

Rob will have the insurance person look over this. Market will create and
implement the policies and procedures, as well as the records keeping.
What do we have in place to make it work?
They will help to find the funding needed for this. Dorothy will understand
the accounting and there will be another SNAP staff hired through the grant
to work the system and record keeping. We can also look for a volunteer to
do this. Dorothy will get paid for an extra 7 hours per week through this
grant. Does Dorothy have an extra seven hours to contribute to this?
She would have to turn in reports and data analysis and cover the time
when the other person needs off. We must turn in the information in order
to get approved. This could take 6-12 weeks in order to get this done.
Dorothy has a few different people that she could ask and some individuals
that they could recommend doing this. They will walk us through this.
Need to pay for QuickBooks, an employee, machine, chips and cards.
Rob has questions as to our liability if we are unable to continue to work
with SNAP.
Dorothy is very optimistic about being able to participate in this. Kevin
makes motion, Rob seconds. Mackey, Rob, Kevin, Donna, Janet, Brianna;
no – Stephen and Mark
Concern about the technicalities for how much work and the expectations
of how this should run. Stephen thinks it will have more implication that
we think. Brianna suggests having the person from Live Well Coalition as
the hire for the event. Rob suggests we have interviews.
c. Broken/New Picnic tables.
Get a good composite picnic table for the market. Rob will send
something around.


Kershaw County Farmer’s Market

Board Meeting
August 14, 2023

Members in Attendance:

Matthew “Mackey” Watson, Janet Caldwell-Morrow, Donna Rudd, Stephen
Clyburn, Kevin Smith, Diane Conyers, Brianna Grant, Kathy McCaskill

1. Call to Order – Matthew “Mackey” Watson, Board Chair
2. Review of Minutes – Brianna Grant, Secretary
Janet motioned to accept minutes as is, Donna second.
All voted in favor to approve
3. Financial Report – Janet Caldwell-Morrow, Treasurer
$12,235.97 currently in the account. $9,339.42 after checks clear.
Two checks written today for $10.39 to Clemson Extension for copies, 176.00 for
PO Box. Remaining $9,152.85 after those checks clear
a. Update on conversation regarding forgiveness of mortgage note:
still pending, no update from Rob
b. Update on solutions for permanent space markers
Mackey states he can’t think of anything that would make this work,
mentioned treated wood marking the spaces; must be careful that item is
not a tripping hazard as the market has been sued twice for trips;
Potential to inset something to the pavement and setting it with epoxy;
Stephen and Rob are still working on this
c. Update on status of electricity from City of Camden at the market
Rob asked for more detail about what we need (where, what capacity,
etc.); no resolution
d. Assign responsibility of drafting contract for use of property outside of
market operating hours
Suggested $50 per hour for minimum 4 hours; Mackey will reach out to
the insurance provider for further information on what that should look
e. Assign responsibilities for updating market by-laws

Mackey stated that we need to add something to the by-laws regarding
to altercations at the market. Janet noted the information is in the
vendor agreement and that we do not need to add it to the by-laws
Mackey will look through and see what may need to be updated.
Janet motioned to table editing minutes until off-season. Stephen second.
All members vote in favor.
f. Vote on advertising budget (local television and magazines, BIZY,
Every Door Direct Mail)
It is roughly $0.19 for each of the mailers. Janet stated that considering
the months that the market is closed we will not have the finances to
afford moving forward; the 4 months of closed market will cost us
roughly $10k, says we need to look at having a certain dollar amount
before we move forward with the advertisement; Stephen suggests
waiting until next year before moving forward with advertising, Donna
states we would need roughly $20k before moving forward with payment
Stephen motion to table a marketing budget until next year. Donna
second. All members in favor.
g. Vote on extending to off-season market
Passed via email voting
h. Vote on Food Truck Fridays
Passed via email voting
i. Vote on Mondays at the Market
Passed via email voting
j. Vote to approve 2024 season dates
Passed via email voting

a. Altercation at market
The vendors have been out of the market for 3 weeks. Mackey says we
should allow them to return with stern warning that they will not be able
to return after that. Stephen and Janet think they should not be allowed
to return.
Law enforcement has dropped charges.
Sierra continued to get other vendors worked up and did not leave after
she was told to leave. Stephen – her behaviors do not feel they are
showing signs of remorse for their behavior.
Dorr Farms reports there have been other instances at other markets

Conversations with other vendors indicate that they do not want this at
the market,
Mackey states it’s not fair to keep her entire payment after having paid
for the year.
Donna makes a motion that both vendors be suspended for the
remainder of the season. Brianna seconds the motion to vote. Conyers,
Stephen, Janet, Kathy, Donna, Kevin vote in favor. Mackey not in favor.
Brianna declined vote.
Donna makes motion to refund prorated payment for the balance of her
vendor free starting the week after the altercation to the end of the
season. Kathy second. All vote in favor to refund.
b. Details of We Shop SC
City of Camden has a meeting of businesses. Free advertisement, Kevin
is going to attend meeting
c. Participation in North Central Youth and Community Night
The market will not participate

Janet raised concern that Dorothy has been given authority to spend $200 but has
spent more than that. Spent roughly double that for the National Market Week
Mackey says we have been shooting down Dorothy’s plans when she attempts to
make plans and argued that Dorothy has done great work and did not cost us any
Board members Janet, Stephen, Donna, and Brianna state that we need strategic
planning, setting a calendar, and knowing specifically what we need to do each
time. We should clarify our schedule for the year, have her submit a break down on
proposed meetings prior to the schedule events with what she needs for the event

Stephen shared feedback that there was way too much going on at the market this
past Saturday. Too loud, elderly would not come back if it was the same as that. It
was a bit too chaotic.
This is seeming more like a flee market than a farmer’s market;

Mackey stated that Dorothy would like to give a drink/gift to volunteers at the end
of the holiday market. Yes, we should do something for them at the end of the year.
Make the decision at the next meeting as to what that would look like.

Donna has reviewed job descriptions for other market managers. Would like to
firm that up while we are updating our by-laws

6. ADJOURN 7:18 PM

Kershaw County Farmer’s Market Board Meeting Minutes

Thursday, July 20, 2023

Board Members in Attendance:
 Matthew “Mackey” Watson
 Donna Rudd
 Rob Brown
 Mark Burns
 Steven Clyburn
 Janet Caldwell-Morrow
 Kevin Smith
 Diane Conyers
 Brianna Grant
Also in Attendance:
 Derrick Conyers
 Terris Conyers
 Dorothy Butterson-Davis

Janet Caldwell-Morrow stated that she would email an official financial report, but that the checking
account has a balance of ~$9,000.00 and that the amount in the savings account has not changed.

Rob Brown will be working with Mark Quigley to set a date for a meeting with the property owner to
discuss forgiving the mortgage note.

Brianna Grant apologized for losing minutes from the previous month’s meeting due to her computer
being broken. It was discussed that Brianna should have meeting minutes completed within 48-72
hours of each meeting and write up something from the previous meeting.

Rob Brown asked that we take a step back to examine the financials of proposed activities and ideas
before voting to approve them through email; we should have an agenda provided by the secretary
outlining the topics to be discussed at each meeting.

Janet asked that the board be presented with itemized spreadsheets for each project a few months in
advance so that we can examine costs and be able to save money.

Donna Rudd stated that we have grown too fast and that we may need to take a moment to re-evaluate
what we are doing.
Stephen Clyburn stated that a position description for our market Manager would help to mitigate some
of her frustration; we should give our manager the authority to spend a certain amount of money on
activities and projects monthly. Mark Burns added that there should be a monthly budget; Rob Brown
stated that we should consider a set amount for special events. Dorothy Butterson (manager) shared
how she tries to make the money that she plans to use each time she tries to plan an event.

Dorothy Butterson has spoken with a vendor who has agreed to work with Donna Rudd on grant writing.

Dorothy Butterson shared on the following topics:
 Stressing the importance of the National Farmer’s Market Week. If the market wins in votes for
the best market in the nation, we could win $15,000. Dorothy stated that we are currently #1 in
the state of South Carolina, #2 in the Region, and #7 in the Nation.
 Candy’s at the Granary has called the city with their concerns about people parking in their lot;
states that she has asked about working together, offering a space at the market, but the owner
will not budge.
 Creating a set amount (i.e., $50 per hour) for groups to rent out the property; creating a
contract that requires users to have liability insurance – this requires a board vote and someone
to assume the responsibility of creating a contract.
 By-Laws need to be revisited to clarify the roles of each member of the board.
 Installation of permanent numbers and/or lines marking spots at the market; can’t be a tripping
hazard, needs to be something flush to the ground.
 Requesting approval to market in local magazines and on loping televisions in restaurants, this
will cost $1200; Mark Burns is working on a trifold brochure to place in the visitor’s center,
updating the vendors and board members listed on the market website.
 Would like to add 6 weeks during the off season; already has a farmer, soap, bread, artisan dog
treat vendors and food truck; off-season market will run from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm
 Planning a farm to table will take roughly 2 months to plan and arrange the proposed cost.
 Requesting laptops and Wi-Fi to allow people to vote for the market through the month of
September for the National Farmer’s Market Competition
 Inquiring about whether the city will provide electricity at the current market location as they
did at the previous location; Rob Brown and Stephen Clyburn will speak with the city about this
 Debruhl’s will allow the market to use their parking lot for the Holiday Market, Dorothy is
considering making it the “food truck alley”; Rob suggests parking trucks along Broad Street and
will ask the city about logistics.

 Asks the market to consider inviting the mayor, city, and county council to National Farmer’s
Market Week; wee need to create an event/activity for them to participate in

Meeting adjourned 7:11 PM



Kershaw County Farmer’s Market Board Meeting Minutes

Monday, June 12, 2023

Minutes from this meeting are lost due to accidental destruction of the personal computer of the

KCFM Board Meeting

May 8, 2023


Board Members in Attendance:

Matthew "Mackey" Watson

Kathy McCaskill

Kevin Smith

Janet Caldwell-Morrow

Stephen Clyburn

Donna Rudd

Dianne Conyers

Brianna Grant


Others in Attendance:

Rodney Morrow

Terris Conyers

Derrick Conyers

Dorothy Butterson

Amy Kinard



  • No financial report as the statement has not yet come in the mail


  • Amy Kinard of the Chamber of Commerce made a presentation to the board to explain what the board is able to gain from joining the market.  Ms. Kinard stated that the Chamber is able to provide assistance with more promotion.  Membership would be $150 for the market as a nonprofit organization.

  • Ms. Kinard also discussed issues with the float at the Christmas parade and resolved communication issues so that the Market can participate in the parade moving forward.

    • Board voted in favor of joining the Chamber after a motion from Janet and second from Stephen.

  • From Dorothy:

    • Dorothy stated that the survey indicated that vendors/customers would like to extend market hours.  Dorothy requests that we extend market hours at no cost to vendors. Brianna motioned to extend the market; Janet and Donna second; board voted in favor of extended hours

    • Dorothy stated that there are 5 vendors that pay for 9 spaces but utilize 11 spaces; these vendors have been confrontational in addressing her about the use of extra space.  The board stated that the vendors are to be addressed and let them know that they are able to use the space while there is vacancy, but they will have to purchase another space if they need extra room when the market is at capacity

    • My 27th will be a memorial day event where ROTC will play "Taps" in uniform, and Mr Grady's birdhouse will be hung in his usual spot.

    • ROTC will also come on September 9th to acknowledge 9/11, and the Saturday of Veteran's Day

    • Dorothy would like $200 to use for special events throughout the year;  the board voted in favor

    • Volunteer meeting will be held May 17

    • Opening the market one night per month?  Rodney will inquire about being able to obtain generators for the event

    • Permission to have food truck Friday?  The board decided to revisit that after the volunteer meeting


  • Donna gave a report on fund raising efforts

    • KCFM made $152 from Midlands Gives (with minimal advertising).  Donna wrote cards to donors.

    • The partnership with Belk raised $800 for the market.

    • Donna is working on a USDA grant and a letter of intent for other grants at the market

  • Dorothy needs to know the following information for the SNAP benefit:

    • When did the market become a 501(c)3?

    • Copy of all board member driver's licenses

    • 501(c)3 paperwork

    • business license

    • all vendor information

  • Dorothy voiced frustration that the board is still not giving responses to emails.

Meeting adjourned 7:50 pm


APRIL 10, 2023


Matthew Watson
Kathy McCaskill
Donna Rudd
Janet Caldwell-MorrowRob Brown
Brianna Grant

Rodney Morrow
Dorothy Butterson (Market Manager)


  • The mortgage was written for $107,500 at 6% interest rate. An estimated 116 payments of $921.73 each month equals $69,278.68 (Kathy recalls there being a down payment made along with the amount mortgaged)


  • Spring fling was canceled, vendors are being given the option to use their payment for another event at the market or to be refunded; the Revolutionary War Soldier Re-interment will essentially serve as Spring Fling

Dorothy presented several topics to the board, including the following:

  • Review of the results of the survey issued for the market vendors and consumers

  • Wine on Broad states they will provide wine samples if we do an evening market event

  • We need a flyer to put out at the Revolutionary War Center, Visitors Center, etc.; Rob requested a rough draft of a brochure by the next meeting; Kathy suggests asking customers to share their photos from the market on Facebook and using those photos for promo and/or in the brochure; Clemson Ext. will charge ~$0.05 to print each sheet in color; board members will fold brochures during the meeting.  

  • Reconsider registering with the Chamber of Commerce; Dorothy will contact and ask them to come to inform us what being part of the Chamber will provide

  • Individuals who pay for the year get placed on the page and on Facebook; Dorothy requested to charge a one-time $25 fee for week-to-week vendors to get added to the page.  Kathy motions to approve, Rob Seconds - All members voted in favor

  • American Legion will do a flag ceremony near 9/11; Mr. Morrow shared that if you contact ROTC programs, they will put certain things in their training and provide services such as flying people out on a black hawk.

  • Sponsorship levels - the board desires to create a functional sponsorship program.  Rob mentioned partnering with the city or other businesses to build structures and naming the structure (i.e. a stage) after the donor.

  • Dorothy will ask ACE Hardware, and Kathy will ask Lowe's to donate new tables, ask each for 5 tables, and put a placard on the side to acknowledge who donated each table.

  • Mackey will talk to someone about a board and recognizing the people who help us (i.e. those who donate the rocks)

  • We should read local papers to find out about grant opportunities

  • The market for Mr. Grady in May.  Put a birdhouse in the tree near where he set up.  Kathy motioned. Rob Second.  All voted in favor.

Adjourned 7:11 PM

Kershaw County Farmers Market Board Meeting
March 20, 2023

Diane Conyers
Stephen Clyburn
Kevin Smith
Rob Brown
Janet Caldwell-Morrow
Kathy McCaskill
Matthew Watson
Brianna Grant

Pending completion
Lucky Stone donated 20 tons of crushed stone but requires that the market haul the stone to the site.  Mackey spoke with the City of Camden, who will move the stone to the market location.  Mackey will use Kathy's machine to even out the stone.
Dorothy has been issued a debit card for the Market Manager.
The Revolutionary War reinterment has been rescheduled from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm.
Rob, Steven, & Kathy present the idea that we meet the property owner to discuss restructuring the mortgage and/or forgiving the mortgage; after those finances are freed, move forward with creating a plan to build a small stage with bathrooms;

  • Janet will obtain information about what is owed on the mortgage and provide that information to Rob who will consult with Mark Quigley about the financial ramifications of this action

What is the plan to increase the profit?  The board discussed the following ideas

  • corporate sponsors (create a sponsor board or potentially rent the billboard on the market's property to promote the sponsor - Janet will contact Lamar to see the cost to use the billboard located on the property)

  • rent the space outside of market hours (i.e. car show, motorcycle show, tailgates)

  • Consider an event to host the weekend of the Carolina Cup

  • Market-hosted cook-off or Pig-Pickin

  • bring in outside groups to perform/do activities that will bring more people into the market

Market Manager will provide a report disclosing the number of signed vendors from the open house for the next meeting.
Adjourned 7:48
Next meeting - April 10th

KCFM Board Meeting Minutes

February 13, 2023

Board Members in Attendance:
Kevin Smith
Janet Caldwell
Donna Rudd
Stephen Clyburn
Kathy McCaskill
Matthew "Mackey" Watson
Brianna Grant
Diane Conyers (and family)
Rob Brown

Also in Attendance:

Dorothy Butterson


  • Update on crusher run stone: there has been no volunteer to get any stone, and Mackey has had no luck making contact.
    Dorothy spoke to Russell Brazell of Roy's products (county council member) about helping with the product; he states he's willing to help.

  • Lamar Billboard: Representative from Lamar stated that they signed a 5-year lease starting in 2019; Mackey obtained a copy of the contract.  Lamar owns the sign and post, so they are the only ones who are able to use it.  We can increase rent on the property, but cannot do anything more.  Board decided to table the conversation and discuss renegotiating the rent charged to Lamar in 2024.  Mackey will send the contract to the board for review.

  • Market Manager debit card: Dorothy has been given a debit card.
    Janet is being registered to be able to sign checks as the new treasurer.

  • KCFM Monday Market/other day rental:  the board has proposed allowing food trucks to set up for $20 from the hours of 10 am to 2 pm on Mondays. Donna motioned in favor of the Monday food truck market; the board was in agreement.  The board will revisit offering a discounted rate for food truck vendors who pay for the full month based on turnout of vendors. Vendors will pay for the Monday Market via paypal, and the space will be available to set up year-round

  • April 22 Re-interment: The board has been informed that there will be no access to the market until 10:00 am as surrounding roads will be closed by 8 am. Rather than closing the market for the day, the board opts to have vendors be in place around 7-7:30 and the market will stay open until 2 to allow for vendors ample time to sell to the influx of people coming to the re-interment to have access to the market.


  • Market Manager, Dorothy, presented her ideas, questions, and concerns to the board.  Dorothy stated that she had previously sent all of this information via email but had gotten no responses from board members;  Dorothy shared her frustration regarding the lack of responsiveness from board members.

    1. Hours for the Spring Fling were confirmed as being 9 am - 2 pm;  rates for vendor spaces will be $25 for a single space, $35 for a double space, $45 for a triple space; $35 for food trucks

    2. Dorothy requested board members to help with set up and clean up for the Spring Fling.  Board members volunteered to help with both set up and clean up; the board also suggested requesting assistance from volunteers.  Donna will contact Camden Military Academy and the Boy Scouts, Kathy will contact Future Farmers of America, and Gilda from Clemson will contact 4H to solicit volunteers.

    3. Open House will be held March 20th; 5:30 pm to 7 pm with a board meeting to follow. Dorothy outlined pricing for the market with a 15% discount for those who pay in advance.   Kathy made a motion, all voted in favor

    4. Dorothy inquired as to whether the market should join as a member of the Chamber of Commerce?  Dorothy shared that the fee is roughly $200 per month and that it would provide networking opportunities.  Rob motioned against joining at this time; board voted in agreement.

    5. Dorothy asked the board to sign up to cover shifts at the market when she is scheduled to be off each month. Rob motions that Girl Scouts will come to work the market on the weeks that Dorothy is off and the Board will donate $75 each time; board voted in agreement.

    6. Surveys - Dorothy requests to send a survey to all vendors and customers of the market to see what people would like from the market, also questioned using Survey Monkey or Google Forms to complete the survey. Rob motioned for a 2 month budget of $100 to complete the survey, Donna and Stephen second; board voted in agreement

    7. Volunteer Program/Committees: Dorothy asks that the board members form committees and get volunteers from the community to also join the committees.  This conversation was tabled and a request was made to refocus energy on fundraising and finances then moving forward with other ideas once the board determined how to create more revenue
      Donna and Dorothy provided an update on current fundraising efforts.  AmazonSmile has been cancelled, this happened after the market had been approved to start using the service; Donna suggested creating a Gofundme to help support the market; Donna is looking into Midlands Gives; Dorothy shared that the Belk Giving Day is beneficial if the market will sell tickets and/or work in the store to sell tickets on the day of the event the market will get a portion of proceeds;  Dorothy mentioned that Kohl's has a program in which they send volunteers to work for your organization and also give $500;  Dorothy stated that she sent information about Target's charitable giving in an email some time ago;  there was also information shared about potential opportunities through Clemson, an Agriculture Grant with the City of Camden, AgSouth, Second Look; Upchurch and Jowers insurance, and First Community Bank (Kathy is a point of contact with First Community Bank)

    8. Dorothy proposes making separate line items for sponsors to donate to and putting up a board to recognize people and put their names on it. Dorothy needs someone to help come up with tiers of giving.

    9. Rob requests Dorothy create an email solely about finances for the market and plans to move forward with creating revenue

    10. Dorothy shared that the Girl Scouts want to build a Community Board/Box, put it in the middle near the drain to enter from parking - Kathy motions to allow them to build it; board votes in favor.

    11. Dorothy shared that Kat from City of Camden has three organizations that may want to rent out the market's property (NOTE: Someone find out what the organizations are renting the old space for)

    12. They are tearing down the old tractor from the old site and we should get it to move to our market

    13. The market should get more involved and promote vendors.  Dorothy suggests making videos of what the people are doing in their space (i.e. grinding coffee, working on their farms) and publicize the videos/images to promote both the vendors and the market

    14. Dorothy has made contact with grant writers who will write their fees into the grant.  They will work for the market to find and secure grants.  Dorothy shared that we have to have a purpose in order for the people to find and write grants but the market is currently lacking a purpose - Dorothy will send information on grant writers to Donna

    15. Dorothy proposed several other events to include Movie Night at the Veterans park with the vendors at the market and Wine tastings in the evening, using our vendors to become a Food Share site;  board requested that she ask questions about all of these ideas on the survey to see if the vendors and customers would be interested in participating in these kinds of things.

    16. Dorothy noted the importance of board member involvement and stated that vendors often ask about the board members.  Requested that board members walk around and speak to vendors each week.  

    17. March 21st - Dorothy will go to the Certified SC Showcase.  she will go so she knows what to do and how to address the vendors who are certified

    18. We are the only market nearby who is able to take WIC and senior vouchers

    19. Dorothy inquired about a News Blast Email chain to get on to the news, newspaper, and radio


  • The application was reviewed by Dorothy and the Board

  • Mr. Conyers recommends putting the DHEC link on the application and rules, Dorothy will also link Cottage laws

  • The Vendor rules were reviewed by Dorothy and the Board

    • Kathy asked about individuals having liability insurance for cottage foods and any other type of food vending.
      All food vendors are to bring signed rules and copy of liability insurance

    • Can vendors use A-frame signs? People can use them if they aren't blocking space or disturbing other vendors. Signs may not be able to be used during the holiday market or other large events when there is less space available

    • Can vendors pass out samples?  Yes they can.

    • Change vendor fee listed on application as it is not $50 for a food truck

    • all nonprofits can either pay the fee or have the spot for fee and volunteer at the market

    • no political activities during the farmer's market; this means no booths or individuals campaigning at the market

    • take out the line about all fees being paid online

    • can two vendors set up in one spot? one vendor per paid space

    • only two parking spaces; leave room for the drive-through to barber shop parking and Boykin's furniture.
      leave 20-foot wide clear space. - no parking within 20-feet of the fence line.

ROB motions for Dorothy to make changes to rules and application and send out the revised rules and application (with changes highlighted) to board to vote on the changed rules; board voted in agreement

Stephen motioned to adjourn, Kathy Second
Adjourned 8:09

KCFM Board Meeting Minutes
January 9, 2023

Matthew Watson
Kathy McCaskill
Rob Brown
Donna Rudd
Janet Caldwell-Morrow
Stephen Clyburn
Kevin Smith
Tom Brown
Betty Brown
Rodney Morrow

Matthew Watson elected Chair.
Kathy McCaskill elected Vice Chair.
Brianna Grant elected secretary
Janet Caldwell elected treasurer.  
All voted in favor of these officers.

Last year's (2022) starting balance was $12718.30 and ending balance was $6021.79
Outstanding checks are as follows: January, February, and March mortgage, two checks for Dorothy in the amount of $1500 each, one check for $38 to American Patriot.
Roughly $1100 dollars remains available in the checking account once these checks clear.

The board would like a quarterly summary of what the market makes and spends.

Someone needs to call Lamar to ask where the contract for the billboard is.

Rob Brown asked the board to consider making repairs and potential upgrades before the market.  The areas that have been flooding are the primary concern, these need to be filled with stone (such as crush and run) vs. the free wood chips that were previously presented as an option to the board.   

Mr. Morrow will attempt to call in a favor with some individuals who may be able to fill this in with crush and run. 

Market Manager's $200 allowance and whether or not she should have a debit card -  Kathy motioned to give her a debit card.  All voted in favor.
Wix will be transferred to another card once the board chair goes to update names on the bank account.

Dorothy will go to the South Carolina Farmer's Market Association meeting tomorrow (January 10, 2023).  

There will be another class later to discuss the EBT/SNAP program.

Gift cards and EBT/SNAP - This conversation is tabled until the Market Manager is available.

Vendor Fees: $20 per space for vendors, $25 for food vendors.  

Proposed that a 15% discount for individuals paying in full may be too steep and proposed a 5% discount.  This topic is tabled until the next meeting.

The market needs to generate more revenue, therefore there needs to be more vendors and more customers. 

Having school bands/dance groups attend?  Monday market?  Allow people to sit on the property every day - pay a monthly fee to be able to come whenever you want to come?

Donna Rudd on Grants:  traditional grants do not apply to KCFM because they are large developmental grants and so she is looking outside of the box.  Amazon Smile allows a percentage of your purchase to go to charities of your choice; the money would be direct deposit to the account.  Midlands Gives through Central Carolina can potentially get the philharmonic to come to the board, a possible stage, seating areas, etc. - Donna will look into what they can assist with.
Mackey made a motion to approve Donna applying for Amazon Smile on behalf of the market, Stephen seconds.  All voted in favor.

Stage/Building - Donna sent a letter to Clemson Ext. for assistance with building a stage and got no response.  Donna mentioned solar power for the stage.  Conversation tabled until we have more funds available for this type of project.

Holiday Market Income - we still do not have a firm number

April 22nd - revolutionary war re-interment (they're re-burying the soldiers they dug up).  expecting 20,000-30,000 people to come to Camden. Let's make it the best market that day!  BIG DEAL!!  Extend market hours?  More food trucks?

Adjourned 7:26PM

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