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About the Kershaw County Farmers Market

The Kershaw County Farmers Market is a 501c3 non-profit organization that serves the residents of Kershaw County. Our goal is to make fresh, local produce available and easily accessible. We strive to be a vital part of the local community by promoting small businesses and farms and serving as a gathering place for community members and guests of Kershaw County. The Kershaw County Farmers Market brings educational resources to the community about health, nutrition, and leading a healthy lifestyle. 

Meet our Board of Directors

KCFM Board Meeting Minutes

APRIL 10, 2023


Matthew Watson
Kathy McCaskill
Donna Rudd
Janet Caldwell-MorrowRob Brown
Brianna Grant

Rodney Morrow
Dorothy Butterson (Market Manager)


  • The mortgage was written for $107,500 at 6% interest rate. An estimated 116 payments of $921.73 each month equals $69,278.68 (Kathy recalls there being a down payment made along with the amount mortgaged)


  • Spring fling was canceled, vendors are being given the option to use their payment for another event at the market or to be refunded; the Revolutionary War Soldier Re-interment will essentially serve as Spring Fling

Dorothy presented several topics to the board, including the following:

  • Review of the results of the survey issued for the market vendors and consumers

  • Wine on Broad states they will provide wine samples if we do an evening market event

  • We need a flyer to put out at the Revolutionary War Center, Visitors Center, etc.; Rob requested a rough draft of a brochure by the next meeting; Kathy suggests asking customers to share their photos from the market on Facebook and using those photos for promo and/or in the brochure; Clemson Ext. will charge ~$0.05 to print each sheet in color; board members will fold brochures during the meeting.  

  • Reconsider registering with the Chamber of Commerce; Dorothy will contact and ask them to come to inform us what being part of the Chamber will provide

  • Individuals who pay for the year get placed on the page and on Facebook; Dorothy requested to charge a one-time $25 fee for week-to-week vendors to get added to the page.  Kathy motions to approve, Rob Seconds - All members voted in favor

  • American Legion will do a flag ceremony near 9/11; Mr. Morrow shared that if you contact ROTC programs, they will put certain things in their training and provide services such as flying people out on a black hawk.

  • Sponsorship levels - the board desires to create a functional sponsorship program.  Rob mentioned partnering with the city or other businesses to build structures and naming the structure (i.e. a stage) after the donor.

  • Dorothy will ask ACE Hardware, and Kathy will ask Lowe's to donate new tables, ask each for 5 tables, and put a placard on the side to acknowledge who donated each table.

  • Mackey will talk to someone about a board and recognizing the people who help us (i.e. those who donate the rocks)

  • We should read local papers to find out about grant opportunities

  • The market for Mr. Grady in May.  Put a birdhouse in the tree near where he set up.  Kathy motioned. Rob Second.  All voted in favor.

Adjourned 7:11 PM

Kershaw County Farmers Market Board Meeting
March 20, 2023

Diane Conyers
Stephen Clyburn
Kevin Smith
Rob Brown
Janet Caldwell-Morrow
Kathy McCaskill
Matthew Watson
Brianna Grant

Pending completion
Lucky Stone donated 20 tons of crushed stone but requires that the market haul the stone to the site.  Mackey spoke with the City of Camden, who will move the stone to the market location.  Mackey will use Kathy's machine to even out the stone.
Dorothy has been issued a debit card for the Market Manager.
The Revolutionary War reinterment has been rescheduled from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm.
Rob, Steven, & Kathy present the idea that we meet the property owner to discuss restructuring the mortgage and/or forgiving the mortgage; after those finances are freed, move forward with creating a plan to build a small stage with bathrooms;

  • Janet will obtain information about what is owed on the mortgage and provide that information to Rob who will consult with Mark Quigley about the financial ramifications of this action

What is the plan to increase the profit?  The board discussed the following ideas

  • corporate sponsors (create a sponsor board or potentially rent the billboard on the market's property to promote the sponsor - Janet will contact Lamar to see the cost to use the billboard located on the property)

  • rent the space outside of market hours (i.e. car show, motorcycle show, tailgates)

  • Consider an event to host the weekend of the Carolina Cup

  • Market-hosted cook-off or Pig-Pickin

  • bring in outside groups to perform/do activities that will bring more people into the market

Market Manager will provide a report disclosing the number of signed vendors from the open house for the next meeting.
Adjourned 7:48
Next meeting - April 10th

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