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About the Kershaw County Farmers Market

The Kershaw County Farmers Market is a 501c3 non-profit organization that serves the residents of Kershaw County. Our goal is to make fresh, local produce available and easily accessible. We strive to be a vital part of the local community by promoting small businesses and farms and serving as a gathering place for community members and guests of Kershaw County. The Kershaw County Farmers Market brings educational resources to the community about health, nutrition, and leading a healthy lifestyle. 

Meet our Board of Directors

Stephen Clyburn, Chairman of the Board

Donna Rudd, Vice Chair

Suzy Provine, Secretary

Janet Caldwell, Treasurer

Kathy McCaskills

Matthew Watson

Rob Brown

Terris Conyers 

Suzy Provine

Derrick Conyers

Donna Rudd 

KCFM Board Meeting Minutes

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